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Mixing carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N) gases for dispensing draft beer has become enormously popular at retail outlets such as bars, restaurants, pubs and large venues.

Different beers require different gas blends to maintain the brewers flavor characteristics. This blend is selected by the brewer and has an effect on the taste and appearance of the beer.  A nitrogenated beer will typically have a lower CO2 content. However, the beer must still be propelled through a draft beer system. This requires a gas pressure much higher than the CO2 pressure. The difference in pressures is made up with a ratio of Nitrogen. BeerGas 55 is 55% CO2 and 45% Nitrogen. BeerGas 55 is 55% CO2 and 45% Nitrogen.

BeerGas 55 is used for dispensing pre-carbonated draft beer kegs, but is not recommended for dispensing beers stored at ambient temperatures.
If you are making your own home-brew, we recommend to use food grade Co2 to carbonate and dispensing your keg.


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