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Who We Are.

WA Gases is an independently, West Australian owned and operated industrial gas supplier operating in Perth, Western Australia.

We believe the market is paying too much through renting their cylinders. WA Gases offers a better way of purchasing industrial gas. Purchase your cylinder and never pay rent again!

Working with our retailers, we specialise in distributing industrial gases for the rent free market.

Our Gases.

Popular industrial gases include Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide and Helium. Used individually or in combination with each other, these gases have shaped the modern world we live in.

Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon are atmospheric gases, which means they are apart of the air we breathe. Breathing air is constituted of Nitrogen (78.1%), Oxygen (20.9%) and Argon (.9%). This air is separated into its primary components by a process called fractional distillation in cyrogenic Air Separation Units (ASU’s).

ASU’s filter the air to remove dust, soot and other suspended contaminants. Then through multi stage refrigeration and heat exchangers, the air is cooled sufficiently for it to condense into a mixture of liquids and the difference in their boiling temperatures allows the component liquids to be separated by distillation.


Retailer Support

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Locally Based

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Premium Gas Products

Give us a toll free call at
(+1) 800 456324 or (+1) 555 456325


We are local! When you partner with us, you’ll be joining a team who understands your industry.

Retailer Support

We have a vast retailer network in metro and regional WA with nearly 50 agents, and we are just getting started.

Locally Based

We are based in the Perth region so we can promptly service our customers.

Premium Gas Products

We offer the best quality gas products and purities to meet your requirements.

Partner with us

Become apart of our team and join our expanding distributor network.

What We Do.

WA Gases offer a range of Gas Products to buy locally across WA.

Our product range includes:

WA Gases offer a range of Gas Products to buy locally across WA.

Our product range includes

We’re always more than happy to answer any questions you may have about WA Gases’s range of great products.

Please feel free to contact us.







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WA Gases is pleased to distribute industrial gases through our retail network.
Own your own bottle of industrial or beverage gases and never pay rental again!

Beverage Gases

BeerGas 55

Food Grade Co2

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